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Dear bearfriends,


Thank you for your interest in my collectable bears and friends.

In July 2011, I participated in lessons about how to create a teddy bear. At that moment, I had no idea what impact bear making would have on my future life. I felt excited about this ever since but I didn't find time to take it any further.

Finally, in 2013, I found the time to concentrate on my passion, to work out new designs and realize "my" bears. Hopelessly infected by the "teddy virus", I was eager to improve my work. The appreciation of my creations from my family and friends encouraged me to participate in a first competition - just for fun. It came as a wonderful surprise to me that "George" was the winner in the beginners category. My passion, the interest in my work, the joy of the adoptive people, the recognition by further awards and many new ideas waiting to be realized, make it possible for me to create each piece with the same love and care.

In 2016, on request of a customer, I started to design and create dogs and cats using pictures of individual animals. Creating someone's beloved pet in my way is always a special challenge for me. I love the magic moment when the customer meets his "new" buddy for the first time.

Maybe you have a special request for yourself or as a gift (birth, graduation, birthday, marriage, ...) or any questions or comments, please contact me.
It would be nice to meet you on a fair or in my little bear studio in Gonderange at a date fixed before.


Sincerely yours, 


Marianne Schmalen-Willems

Op der Tonn L-6188 Gonderange



MaWi Bears and friends - Made with ❤️ to make you happy!



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